How do I File and Publish?

We currently offer filing services for Los Angeles County ONLY

Our price: $96

(One business name and one registrant. Add $10 for each additional business name and/or registrant).

Effective March 5, 2018, Los Angeles County will no longer accept handwritten forms. By far the best way to complete the forms is via the County’s online portal, which you can access  by clicking HERE:

  1. Click on the third rectangular box  marked ‘third party’. When the second page launches, click on first rectangular box marked ‘fictitious business name statement – original’.
  2. On the next page, use the search option to ensure your desired name is available. If it is, tick the box at the bottom marked ‘I have verified that my desired FBN is not currently in use’.
  3. Complete each field required over the next few pages. When you asked for your name, please ensure you put your COMPLETE name as it appears on your driver’s license including any middle names.
  4. The portal will generate a form marked ‘preview copy/image, do not print’ at the top right hand corner. DO NOT PRINT this form!
  5. Instead, scroll down to the bottom of the form and you’ll see a ‘submit’ box asking you to confirm that all the information is correct plus a ‘I am not a robot’ captcha box. Click where indicated and the form will reload, this time with a bar code at the top right hand corner. This document is what needs to be filed with the county. Save it as a pdf then print out a copy, which you then mail to us.
  6. BEST PRACTICE! email your documents to us at
  7. before mailing them so we can proof read them for accuracy. If they are fine, get the affidavit of identity page notarized and mail all originals to us for filing. Our mailing address can be found below.

To avoid delays, please avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Please make sure that the signer’s name is EXACTLY the same on three documents. Make sure the notary knows this when completing the affidavit of identity.
  2. No colored paper or card stock. Regular white paper only.
  3. No hole punches or staples
  4. Do not alter or deface the document in any way
  5. Make sure the back of your paperwork is blank. Do not print on the other side of previously printed documents.
  6. Did you include a way for us to reach you? Please include a Post-It note with your phone number or email address in case we need to contact you. Do not write this information on the application!

Is the registrant of your DBA a corporation or an LLC? if so, you will need to add a printout from the Secretary of State proving it is in good standing. To do so, click  HERE

How do I Pay You?

Call in your credit card number to our office at (310) 452-2621 or click HERE to pay with credit card.

What’s Your Mailing Address?

For filing and publishing only, send to: Mirelle Woolf, 13800 Annandale Drive #40K, Seal Beach CA 90740-5520. FedEx or UPS is fine but please DO NOT send us registered mail. It will delay processing by at least a week.

Questions? Call us at 310-452-2621